Banned Cheating Admins

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Monday, 01 November 2004 14:54
by hav
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That's right, we have recently banned a number of admins for cheating on our Counter-Strike servers. Some of these admins were high-ranking ops and others were relative peons. This serves as a reminder that FPN doesn't tolerate cheating.

We banned three FPN*OP admins, all for various cheats. BLuE_ZeRO [FPN*OP]was discovered with OGC on his computer, thanks to a little trickery by Biohazard and voN. blazin [FPN*OP] banned Mach10 playing on another WON ID but from his own home IP. Mach10 was using wallhack and aimbot on DIGI while camping and sniping. Good ol' wEEzel [FPN*OP] was banned after being caught hacking on FPN and denying it before finally admitting to what he had done.

Also a couple of FPN.OPs (junior admins) were banned for various offenses. Say goodbye to mental [FPN.OP], oZe_ [FPN.OP], 8-ball [FPN.OP], and SGT|HSU [FPN.OP]. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember.

The moral of the story is simple. Do not cheat on FPN, you will be caught regardless of how well you hide it or who you know. Please be good and keep the game fun for everyone. Thanks.