How and where can I get help if I need it ?

First make sure you have read the documentation.
In most cases it is only a config error.

Then you can request help in the forum. But please use the search function first befor you start a new topic. Also explain as much as possible otherwise no one can help.

For more and quick information we a blog and twitter.

How are players tracked? Or, why is my name listed more than once ?

Players are tracked by Unique ID.

A player may have more than one name. On the Player Rankings pages, players are shown with the most recent name they used in the game. If you click on a player's name, the Player Details page will show you a list of all other names that this player uses, if any, under the Aliases section (if the player has not used any other names, the Aliases section will not be displayed).

Your name may be listed more than once if somebody else (with a different Unique ID) uses the same name.

You can use the Search function to find a player by name or Unique ID.

How is the "points" rating calculated ?

A new player has 1000 points. Every time you make a kill, you gain a certain amount of points depending on a) the victim's points rating, and b) the weapon you used. If you kill someone with a higher points rating than you, then you gain more points than if you kill someone with a lower points rating than you. Therefore, killing newbies will not get you as far as killing the #1 player. And if you kill someone with your knife, you gain more points than if you kill them with a rifle, for example.

When you are killed, you lose a certain amount of points, which again depends on the points rating of your killer and the weapon they used (you don't lose as many points for being killed by the #1 player with a rifle than you do for being killed by a low ranked player with a knife). This makes moving up the rankings easier, but makes staying in the top spots harder.

Specifically, the equations are:

Killer Points = Killer Points + (Victim Points / Killer Points)
                 × Weapon Modifier × 5
Victim Points = Victim Points - (Victim Points / Killer Points)
                 × Weapon Modifier × 5

Plus, the following point bonuses are available for completing objectives in some games:
Note The player who triggers an action may receive both the player reward and the team reward.

What are all the weapon points modifiers ?

Weapon points modifiers are used to determine how many points you should gain or lose when you make a kill or are killed by another player. Higher modifiers indicate that more points will be gained when killing with that weapon (and similarly, more points will be lost when being killed by that weapon). Modifiers generally range from 0.00 to 2.00.

Game Weapon Name Points Modifier
Counter-StrikeknifeBundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife1.80
Counter-StrikegrenadeHigh Explosive Grenade1.80
Counter-StrikeuspH&K USP .45 Tactical1.50
Counter-Strikeglock18Glock 18 Select Fire1.50
Counter-Strikep228Sig Sauer P-2281.50
Counter-StrikeeliteDual Beretta 96G Elite1.50
Counter-StrikefivesevenFN Five-Seven1.50
Counter-Strikexm1014Benelli/H&K M4 Super 90 XM10141.40
Counter-Strikem3Benelli M3 Super 90 Combat1.40
Counter-Strikemac10Ingram MAC-101.25
Counter-Strikeump45H&K UMP451.25
Counter-StrikescoutSteyr Scout1.25
Counter-Strikemp5navyH&K MP5-Navy1.25
Counter-Strikep90FN P901.25
Counter-StriketmpSteyr Tactical Machine Pistol1.25
Counter-Strikesg550Sig SG-550 Sniper1.20
Counter-Strikeg3sg1H&K G3/SG1 Sniper Rifle1.20
Counter-StrikedeagleDesert Eagle .50AE1.20
Counter-Strikesg552Sig Sauer SG-552 Commando1.00
Counter-StrikefamasFusil Automatique1.00
Counter-StrikeaugSteyr Aug1.00
Counter-Strikem4a1Colt M4A1 Carbine1.00
Counter-StrikeawpArctic Warfare Magnum (Police)1.00
Counter-Strikeak47Kalashnikov AK-471.00
Counter-Strikem249M249 PARA Light Machine Gun0.80

How can I set my profile data ?

Player profile options can be configured by saying the appropriate SET command while you are playing on a participating game server. To say commands, push your chat key and type the command text.

Syntax: say /set option value.

Acceptable "options" are:

  • realname
    Sets your Real Name as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set realname Joe Bloggs
  • email
    Sets your E-mail Address as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set email
  • homepage
    Sets your Home Page as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set homepage
  • icq
    Sets your ICQ Number as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set icq 123456789
  • myspace
    Sets your myspace page as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set myspace
  • facebook
    Sets your facebook page as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set facebook http://facebook/name
  • jabber
    Sets your jabber ID as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set jabber ID
  • steamprofile
    Sets your steamprofile URL as shown in your profile.
    Example:    /hls_set steamprofile URL
The server will respond with "SET command successful." If you get no response, it probably means you typed the command incorrectly.

Note These are not standard Half-Life console commands. If you type them in the console, Half-Life will give you an error.

My rank is embarrassing. How can I opt out?

Say /hls_hideranking while playing on a participating game server. This will toggle you between being visible on the Player Rankings and being invisible.

Note You will still be tracked and you can still view your Player Details page. Use the Search page to find yourself.

What are active players etc. ?

At the players overview you have multiple options to select which players are show and which not.
The default is to show only active and non BOT players. Which means a player is active if you use the script and define the timeFrame in which a player is still active.
Everytime a player does something a flag is set to 1 and a timestamp is set. Then the checks if the player has a activity within the given timeFrame. If not the player is set to in-active.
BOTs are recored if the IGNOREBOTS option is set to 0. This enables a additional option which displays those too. Otherwise no BOT is recorded or even shown.