FPN Server Rules

The following rules apply to all of our game servers. They are in place to ensure the game remains fun for everyone on the server. These rules will be strictly enforced by our admins, whom will be seen on the servers regularly and can be recognized by their [FPN*OP] or [FPN.OP] tags. Adhering to these simple guidelines will maximize the quality of your gaming experience on FPN and that of everyone else on the servers as well.
  1. Watch Your Language
  2. Don't Cheat
  3. Don't Team Stack
  4. Respect the Admins
  5. Don't Camp
  6. Don't Disrupt the Game

1) Appropriate Language & Names
One of the things that makes online gaming so appealing is the ability to converse with other players during the course of the game. Unfortunately, some players abuse this feature and use excessively hateful or offensive language. Such language is not tolerated on FPN. These rules apply to both 'typed' chat and anything said over the mircophone.

The following language is forbidden on FPN:
  1. Racial/Ethnic Slurs: This includes, but is not limited to, "nigger", "chink", "spic", "jew" (used in a derogatory manner OR as a verb), and "kike".
  2. Homophobic Remarks: Including, but not limited to, "gay", "fag", "faggot", "fgt", and "homo".
  3. Hate Groups: This includes a wide array of things, ranging from making hateful statements about a nation or group of people to using hate terms in your chat and/or player name. Hate terminology encompasses anything related to the Nazis, KKK, or any other hate group. This type of juvenile ignorance is not tolerated on FPN.
  4. Dissing FPN: Any insulting comments made about our servers, admins, or FPN as a whole.
  5. Evading Language Restrictions: Altering your text as to not directly use a forbidden word. This includes purposely mispelling works, for example typing "ghey" instead of "gay" or calling someone a "ch1nk" rather than saying "chink".

Your player name may NOT contain any of the language outlined above. Your name also may not contain the name of a known cheat group, for example "myg0t" or "japs". In addition, your name must not contain the words "admin", "FPN", "*OP", or ".OP" nor are you allowed to impersonate any admin or member of a registered clan.

  • First Offense: Verbal warning (using fpn_say or fpn_tsay) and mild Slap (up to 10 damage). You have one (1) round to comply with the warning otherwise the violation will count as a second offense.
  • Second Offense: Slay or Kick from server. If you still refuse to comply you will be considered a repeat offender.
  • Repeat Offender: Banned from server. Ban may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the offense.

2) Cheating and "Hacks"
There are various forms of cheating, none of which are permitted on FPN. Cheats are any type of software or extra-game communication that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players in the server. We enforce a very strict anti-cheat policy and our admins have a number of facilities available to help them detect and stop cheaters.

The following are all different types of cheats forbidden on FPN:
  1. Wallhack/ESP: Cheater can see the position of players normally hidden on his screen.
  2. Aimbot/Auto-Aim: Cheater's crosshair automatically locks onto opposing players.
  3. Speed Hack: Cheater can move faster or shoot more rapidly than other players in the game.
  4. Anti-Recoil: Cheater's guns do not recoil even when "spraying".
  5. Anti-Flash/Smoke: Cheater is not blinded by flashbangs nor is his vision obscured by smoke grenades.
  6. LAN Cheating: Playing in the same room as another player on the server and looking at their screen to determine the position of opposing players the cheater cannot see on his screen.
  7. Ghosting: Same theory as LAN Cheating, however, one player is a spectator and one is alive and playing in the game. The spectator will relay information to the alive player regarding the whereabouts or movements of the other team. The method of communication is irrelevant, it could be by phone, using voice communication software, or walkie talkies.
  8. Map Exploits: Exploiting bugs on a map to gain access to out-of-bounds areas or to pass through normally impenetrable barriers. This includes "sky walking" on de_dust and "roof hacking", or clipping, on cs_assault.
  9. Altering Game Files: This includes a wide array of things, such as removing models, sprites, or textures from the game and using modified models, sprites, or textures to increase visibility of other players. No muzzle flash, "white walls", no black scope surround, and high visibility skins all fall under this category.

One extra point to note for the multitude of clans that play on FPN servers. Sometimes there is a bad apple on your team, who just can't resist the urge to hack, and they will be banned. The only way this will in turn affect the rest of the clan, is if three (3) or more members are found to be cheating on the FPN network. Once a total of three (3) have been caught, everyone associated with that clan will be permanently banned from all of FPN, no questions asked.

  • First Offense: Permanent Ban from all FPN servers

3) Unbalanced Teams
A very common problem on public servers, where skill and intelligence varies widely between players, is unbalanced teams. Unbalanced teams will ruin the game for both teams. The team with less players will find themselves getting killed quickly and resorting to camping while players on the favored team will have trouble finding opposing players to kill. The game turns into a contest of survival, with the game objectives (ie. planting the bomb or rescuing hostages) ignored, and the team with the most/strongest players is going to win every time.

Team stacking comes in two forms:
  1. Uneven Number of Players: This is simple, one team has more players than the other. If a player joins a team that already has more players, it is considered team stacking. When you connect to a server your best move is to use option five (5), Auto-Select. If you manually join a team, you must check to make sure you are joining the team with less players. Keep in mind that sometimes a player connecting to the server is shown as being on a team that he is not actually on. This is a bug with all Half-Life servers, these "fake" players can be identified because they show up as "DEAD" and have absolutely nothing for their ping.
  2. Uneven Player Skill: If one team has much stronger players than another team and is winning lots of consecutive rounds, it is considered team stacking. Even if the number of players on both teams is even! It's the responsibilty of the better player(s) to keep the teams fair for everyone and switch to the losing team.

Trying to boost your in-game or webpage stats is not an excuse for team stacking. The stats are based on the assumption that the teams are even during the course of the game so playing on a stacked team gives you a theoretical unfair advantage in the stats. Fortunately our stats algorithm takes this into account and makes it much more difficult to increase your ranking by outnumbering weaker players. In general, the stats should not be obsessed over, you will make the game less enjoyable for everyone, especially yourself.

Another note to clans: FPN's servers are public and are not intended to be used for clan scrimmages or pick up games. It will rarely be possible for your clan to all be on the same team together in the course of the game. If you end up causing unbalanced teams in order to have all clanmates on the same side, your whole clan will be punished for team stacking. Please don't do it. You're better off playing against your clanmates in pub games, you will gain insight into your clanmates' strengths and weaknesses and be able to help them improve their game. They will be able to do the same for you.

  • First Offense: Verbal warning (using fpn_say or fpn_tsay) and mild Slap (up to 10 damage). You have one (1) round to comply with the warning otherwise the violation will count as a second offense.
  • Second Offense: Slay. If you still don't change teams one (1) minute after being slain, you will be Kicked from the server.
  • Repeat Offender: Temporary Ban from server. Ban will range from one (1) hour to one (1) full day.

4) Respect the Admins
On FPN, an admin is anyone who has [FPN*OP] or [FPN.OP] following their name. Some admins have access to more commands than other admins, but all admins should be respected equally.

Our admins contribute a great deal of time, effort, and money in running these servers and ensuring they remain fun to play on. They have a duty to enforce the rules of the server and excercise fair judgement when a decision needs to be made. Please respect these decisions and comply with an admin if he/she asks you to do something. Admins usually have a good reason for making requests like these, one shouldn't assume they are just being mean or unfair. This especially holds true if an admin asks you to change your name, switch teams, or stop using a particular word or phrase. Chances are, you are violating one of the rules listed above.

If you feel you have been the victim of unfair treatment from an admin, please join #fpn or #banned on irc.fastping.net and try and speak with the admin in question or a senior admin. Do not argue with the admin on the server or let your friends or clanmates argue for you. Also keep your friends and clanmates out of the discussion on IRC, having a whole group of people all yelling at once will only inflame the situation and lessen the chances of it getting resolved properly.

The admins' job is to enforce these rules and help players out, thus players should not bark orders at the admins. Telling an admin to change the map, kick or ban a player, or organize a knife/pistol only round. Please phrase your requests in the form of a question, for example "Admin, can you please change the map to as_oilrig?" is acceptable, however "CHANGE MAP TO DUST NOW" is not. Be courteous to the admins and in return you will be treated with respect.

  • First Offense: Verbal Warning (fpn_say or fpn_tsay), Slap, or Slay, depending on degree of offense.
  • Second Offense: Slay. This is your final warning.
  • Repeat Offender: Temporary Ban from server. Ban will range from one (1) hour to three (3) full days.

5) Camping
Camping is defined as staying in one particular place or area on the map for an extended amount of time. Camping delays the game for other players and generally detracts from the gameplay since a camper is no longer striving to help his team win the round but rather selfishly trying to stay alive. Basic camping is allowed, as long as the player is holding down a strategic location and isn't in one of the "camping zones" listed below. What it boils down to is use good judgement. If you think you're camping in a spot that will upset other players on the server, you should move. If an admin asks you to stop camping and move, you should certainly move.

On a defuse (de_*) map, the goal of the terrorists is to reach one of the two bomb sites and plant the bomb. Terrorists must make a clear effort to achieve this goal, staying back and waiting for the counter-terrorists to kill you is considered camping. The same applies to the counter-terrorists on counter-strike (cs_*) maps, they must fight to rescue all four hostages and escort them to the hostage rescue zone. Counter-terrorists must make an effort to retrieve the hostages.

  1. de_dust
    • CT-side: Once the CT's leave the big arch straight down the ramp, they may not come back in unless a terrorist enters the area. The entire area inside of that arch is considered part of the spawn.
    • T-side: The T's must stay out of the "box" that makes up their spawn, which extends to the hallway directly to the left of the stairs and the arch at the top of the ramp.
  2. de_dust2
    • CT-side: The spawn for CT is a huge part of this map, and therefore, CT's may stay in their spawn indefinitely.
    • T-side: If the T's do not make it down off of the ramps on either side of spawn, they will be in violation of spawn camping. You may hold position at the doors to long A, as long as you are off of the ramp.
  3. de_aztec
    • CT-side: The spawn area lies between the bottom of the stairs by bombsite B and the closer set of double doors by bombsite A. The CT's must not remain in this area.
    • T-side: The T's must stay out of the archway on both sides of the initial spawning point, which basically means going out to where there are no ceilings. Either down into the water, or up to the hallway after the tunnel.
  4. de_train
    • CT-side: Since spawn is a key strategic point on this map, CT's may stay in their spawn in order to win the round.
    • T-side: The T's must reach the top of the stairs to the right of spawn, the outdoor trainyard, or the tunnel behind the outdoor yard.
  5. de_inferno
    • CT-side: CT spawn is basically the mid point between the two bombsites, so they are permitted to hold this strategic location.
    • T-side: T's must make their way either out of the small tunnel to the left of spawn or around the two long corners at the far end.
  6. cs_militia
    • CT-side: CT's must either make their way into the area containing the sewer entrance, or make their way through the long mine tunnel.
    • T-side: Since T's spawn inside the house, they are allowed to remain there, but they must make an effort to stop the CT's from entering the house. Hiding in the garage or bathroom is not permitted.
  7. cs_assault
    • CT-side: They must make an effort to get the hostages. Camping on the roof next to CT spawn is not permitted.
    • T-side: Since the T spawn is located inside the warehouse, they are permitted to remain inside but must make an attempt to guard the entrances to the building.
  8. cs_office
    • CT-side: CT's must exit the indoor spawn area into one of the outdoor areas or up the stairs into the office hallways.
    • T-side: Guarding the hostages is permitted, given the fact the T's make an effort to keep the CT's out of the hostage rooms.
  9. cs_italy
    • CT-side: Move up the ramps on both sides to either the open market, the upper tier, or the left side. An effort must be made to reach the house containing the hostages.
    • T-side: The T spawn is a strategic location on this map, T's are permitted to guard it provided an effort is made to prevent the CT's from reaching the house.
  10. cs_siege
    • CT-side: CT's must leave their main compound and make their way into the big open area with the house and shipping crates.
    • T-side: T's may stay in their spawn. but are encouraged to go out into the main garage and prevent the CT's from entering.

  • First Offense: Verbal Warning (fpn_say or fpn_tsay) and mild Slap (up to 10 damage). You must comply immediately, any additional camping will count as a second offense.
  • Second Offense: Slay. Refusal to comply at this point will result in being Kicked.
  • Repeat Offender: Temporary Ban from server. Ban will range from ten (10) minutes to twelve (12) hours.

6) Disruptive Behavior
There is an innumerable number of ways to disrupt the game and we cannot possibly outline them all. Disruptive players are not welcome on the network and this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The rules involving disruptive chat apply to both typed messages and things spoken over the microphone.

The following are all considered disruptive behavior:
  1. Spamming: Repeating the same thing over and over within a relatively short time period or flooding the server with text or verbal gibberish. Talking repeatedly in all capitol letters is also considered spamming.
  2. Advertising: Unsolicited references to other servers, sites, channels, and networks. If you would like to advertise on FPN join our IRC channel and speak with hav.
  3. Harassment: Basic trash talking is permitted, however, singling out another player and endlessly ridiculing him is not. Please respect your fellow players.
  4. Team Flashing: Purposely throwing flashbangs and blinding your teammates. This is not permitted under any circumstances and is an incredibly bad idea if you have an admin on your team.
  5. Executing Hostages: Killing hostages on cs_* maps before an attempt has been made to rescue them is forbidden. During the course of a game it's possible to incidentally kill a hostage with stray gunfire, this is permissable if done by accident.
  6. AFK: Someone who does not move for two consecutive rounds will be considered AFK. This disrupts the game by causing uneven teams. It also prevents actual players from connecting to the servers and wastes server resources and bandwidth. Please disconnect from the server before leaving your computer. Saying you will 'BRB' does not excuse you from this rule, you will still be kicked after 2 rounds.
  7. DoS Attacks: Attempting to prevent users from playing on FPN by attacking the HLDS, the machine hosting the HLDS, or the network infrastructure connecting the host machine to the internet is strictly forbidden. Don't even try it. We will report you to any and all applicable authorities, including your parents, school network admins, ISP, or law enforcement. These rules also apply to other FPN infrastructure servers and the personal hardware of FPN's admins as well as persons trying to gain unauthorized access to any of the hardware and software mentioned within this rule.

  • First Offense: Verbal warning (using fpn_say or fpn_tsay), Slap, or Slay depending on severity of offense.
  • Second Offense: Slay or Kick
  • Repeat Offender: Temporary ban from server, ranging from one (1) hour to one (1) week. Serious offenses will result in a permanent ban.
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