Q:  Where's the porn??????
A:  There's no porn here!

Q:  Well, why the name fuckporn.net?
A:  A couple of not-so-sober guys were sitting around one day when one of them 
    said "How cool would it be to own the domain name fuckporn.net?"  So they headed
    straight to dotster.com and purchased fuckporn.net.  Then when one of them
    wanted to start a gaming network on an ultra low budget, the domain name
    fuckporn.net finally had a purpose.  And this is it.

Q:  How can I join the FPNOP clan?
A:  [FPN*OP] and [FPN.OP] are tags that the admins wear so they can be easily
    identified by players.  It is not a clan in any way.  If someone claims to be an
    admin and they do not have one of the above two tags, THEY ARE LYING.

Q:  How can I apply to be an FPN admin?
A:  FPN selects admins by invite only, asking for admin privileges will simply reduce
    your chances of being selected.  The key to being an FPN admin is to gain the
    trust and respect of the head admins and to display a good sense of humor.  If
    you have to ask who the head admins are, you have a long way to go before you can
    even think about becoming an admin.  There are also a limited number of admin
    positions available, we cannot take on any new admins without getting rid of
    some first.

Q:  How come my stats go down even when I have a good record?
A:  Because our stats system does not work soley on your kills to deaths ratio.  It
    uses a very complex algorithm to provide extremely accurate stats.  If you are
    interested, read the details.

Q:  What is the best way to contact an admin?
A:  The best way is to come to our IRC channel, which is #FPN on irc.fuckporn.net.
    All of our admins are required to idle so it's possible to contact an admin 24
    hours a day.  If you need help connecting to irc, check this out.

Q:  How can I reserve my CS nick or clan name?
A:  You must come to IRC to speak with one of the head admins.  Sorry, there is no 
    easier way.  :(

Q:  Ummm, [lame clan tag] l4m3 NaMe is cheating, can you ban him?
A:  Sure!  But first you have to prove to us he is actually cheating.  If you are
    trying to report a wallhack or aimbot user, YOU MUST HAVE A DEMO THAT SHOWS,
    kills will not be treated as valid evidence for banning.  If someone is respawn
    hacking or spectator hacking, then a screenshot (of either the offense
    itself or your cs console) or a log file created with condump will suffice.

Q:  Why don't you just run PunkBuster to keep the cheaters off your servers?
A:  There are many reasons why we refuse to use PunkBuster, but the two main ones are
    that any hack worth using already gets around PunkBuster and also PunkBuster is
    known to affect both client and server performance in a negative manner.  If
    a stable, fast, and more robust application were to replace PunkBuster, we would
    definitely take a look at it.

Q:  How do I make a demo?
A:  You type "record " in your CS console (without the quotes).
Q:  How do I stop recording?
A:  You type "stop" in your CS console (again, without the quotes).

Q:  How do I watch a demo?
A:  You type "playdemo " in your CS console (also, without quotes).

Q:  How do I defuse the bomb?
A:  Oh man, you need more help than we can provide.  You better hit up the CS site.

Q:  I didn't do anything wrong and I got banned.  How can I get unbanned?
A:  Your best bet is to talk to the admin who banned you.  If you look in your console
    right after being banned, it will say "[Admin] admin name [FPN*OP] used
    command: admin_ban ".  Speak to that admin.  If you are unable to contact
    him, you may speak to one of the head admins.  (HINT:  You have a much better chance
    of being unbanned by the admin who banned you.)

Q:  How do I prove an admin is cheating?
A:  The same way you would prove that anyone was cheating (see above), but be sure you
    have real evidence.  There is no way we will take action against an admin unless we
    are SURE they cheat.

Q:  Where's your old FAQ?  That shit was funny!
A:  Yes, it was.  It's right here
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