New Website

Welcome to the new FPN website. It's been a long time in the making and I'm glad to finally have something to show. We are still working out some kinks with certain browsers, so if you notice anything looking off please take a screenshot and contact me on IRC.

I apologize for taking so long getting this together. We spent a lot of time looking for a reliable content management system (CMS) to build the site with. Thanks to Rash who was the one who suggested Mambo to me, we finally got the new site together.

We tried two other CMS packages that we were unhappy with for a number of reasons. First, we tried the ubiquitous PHP Nuke followed by Apache Lenya.

PHP Nuke was rich with features; however its developers seemed more concerned with adding bells and whistles functionality rather than addressing the many serious security issues their software had. On a site with an audience like ours, security is key. We didn't want to wake up one morning to find our site vandalized by someone who'd been banned the night before for cheating in Counter-Strike.

Lenya, on the other hand, was built on a solid Java and XML base and seemed very secure. Due to the fact that it was much less prolific than PHP Nuke there was a distinct lack of 3rd party add-on components and modules. It would have required a great deal of coding to get the site to look and act like we wanted.

Finally, I tried Mambo and was thrilled by its flexibility and speed. The look of the site is completely separate from the content and functionality, which is very important to us. The current theme is based on the original FPN site, but you can expect a new, modern looking theme sometime in the future as work on it has already begun. Your feedback on the site is welcome with regards to content as well as styling. Drop by IRC and let us know what’s up.

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