Server News

DIGI Has Moved

The relocation of DIGI is complete and it is back up with a new IP address: As always, connecting to will still work. Enjoy, dust-heads. Sorry for the downtime.

BLING Running 'Fun' Maps

BLING wasn't getting a great deal of play with it's cs_ map rotation and there was a good deal of demand for an FPN fun maps server so we decided to change things up and put some custom maps on. BLING now rotates between the following maps: fy_snow, aim_ak_colt, scoutzknivez, fy_iceworld2k, awp_map. As an additional note, scoutknivez is low gravity (sv_gravity 250). Enjoy!

Lag Issues Resolved

BLING, DIGI, and CHALUPA were exerpiencing an abnormal number of lag spikes over the last few days, but we have solved the problem. Initially we thought it was due to the connection those three machines share, however it turned out to be a configuration issue on each box.

THREE CS 1.6 Servers!

It's been a very long time but FPN now has three CS 1.6 Servers running. I'm dead serious, DIGI, BLING, and CHALUPA are all back and running on better harware and connections than ever. Lots of info here so please read on, guys.
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