Sparse Tidbits of Humor

Here we go Again

As you may know, today our fearless leader, George W. Bush, was sworn in again for a second term. That's right, it's not official. Four more years of this crap. I'm sure we can expect twice the job loss, twice the tax breaks, and twice as many nations overseas jumping onto the anti-US bandwagon. I realize this is the 'Humor' section of the site so I will dispell with the negativity and hit you guys off with something to laugh at. Thanks to CodeRed for putting me onto that. Enjoy!

Laugh at Rice

There's a lot of things we like to laugh at in #fpn, but one of the most univerally laughed at things in society today are ricers. If you too enjoy laughing at rice, then you should check out this site. Enjoy!

Ricky's Back

Apparently Ricky Williams has burned all the trees he could burn and now wants back in the NFL. The story itself is kinda funny, but you wouldn't recognize Ricky from a mile away. Read on for the picture...

Dirty NBA Brawl

Last night's brawl at the end of the Pistons/Pacers game was about the most ridiculous thing you will ever see go down at a sporting event. Sports Center replayed the events as they transpired, then went back through and took another look in slow motion. The full videos are available in low quality WMV and also higher quality MPEG.


Thinking up a quality pimp name is a difficult endeavor. If you're at a loss for ideas, you should check this out... I guess this needs to wrap to the next line?
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