Dirty NBA Brawl

Last night's brawl at the end of the Pistons/Pacers game was about the most ridiculous thing you will ever see go down at a sporting event. Sports Center replayed the events as they transpired, then went back through and took another look in slow motion. The full videos are available in low quality WMV and also higher quality MPEG.

A lot of people are blaming the fans for this but honestly the players should control their emotions. They get paid millions of dollars a year, it's their job to keep their composure and not lash out whether the fans are merely heckling them or throwing things. Stephen Jackson was running around like a maniac punching any fan he could get close enough to. He doesn't deserve to play another game in the NBA, he continued the escalate the beef while Artest was laying on the scorers' table and then he stormed the stands attacking everyone around him.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words:
Oh Shit!
This is the guy who hit Artest with his drink from about 20 or 30 feet away. He was yelling at Artest until he realized that he was about to get attacked. The look is priceless.

The news today is that Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Jermaine O'Neal have all been suspended indefinitely by the NBA. Hopefully Wallace won't be out for long. Even though he started it, he wasn't responsible for the escalation into a brawl with the crowd. I'd be happy if I never saw Artest, O'Neal, Jackson especially play another game in the league, but that may just be the Knicks fan in me talking....

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