THREE CS 1.6 Servers!

It's been a very long time but FPN now has three CS 1.6 Servers running. I'm dead serious, DIGI, BLING, and CHALUPA are all back and running on better harware and connections than ever. Lots of info here so please read on, guys.

DIGI is running it's classic FPN configuration, that being de_dust 24/7 with AWP and smoke grenades banned. Since this is CS 1.6 we're talking about here, we've also taken care to ban the shield. We have banned the shield on all of our CS 1.6 servers because we feel the shield is not suitable for pub servers like ours. It's presence can be abused and in the early days of 1.6 it was very buggy, thus we decided to restrict it. DIGI is now running on an Athlon XP 1700+ w/ 512MB of RAM and dual network interfaces and this machine will probably host a Counter-Strike: Source server in the near future.

BLING is running a modified version of it's classic cs_ maps rotation. In addition to cs_militia, cs_assault, and cs_italy, BLING now runs de_aztec, de_inferno, and de_prodigy. As with our other servers, shield and smoke grenades are not permitted. Not much changed in terms of hardware on BLING but the RAM trippled from 128MB to 384MB and it received a new 10/100 ethernet card.

CHALUPA also retains it's classic configuration and will be running de_dust2 24/7 with the smoke grenades and shield banned. It is now running on a 733 Coppermine with 384 MB RAM which should make dust2 a lot smoother than the old CHALUPA.

If you haven't played on FPN in a while you should check it out. The servers are pinging better than ever thanks to new hardware and a better connection. We have HLStats here on the website and /statsme type stats on the servers themselves. So come hop on one of the servers or join us in IRC. We'd love to see you again!

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