Lag Issues Resolved

BLING, DIGI, and CHALUPA were exerpiencing an abnormal number of lag spikes over the last few days, but we have solved the problem. Initially we thought it was due to the connection those three machines share, however it turned out to be a configuration issue on each box.

After trying a number of things to try and isolate the problem to the Half-Life dedicated server itself or the internet connection we were unable to reduce the lag at all.

We finally determined that the problem was due the Linux firewall running on all three of these servers. The firewall was logging a huge amount of information which resulted in constant hard drive accesses. The constant hard drive load is what was lagging the Counter-Strike servers.

Fortunately, as hard as it was to track this problem down, it was incredibly easy to fix. Simply reducing the verbosity of the firewall's logging facility seems to have completely solved the problem. Since the aggressive log setting was my doing, I'd like to apologize to everyone on FPN for causing this problem and not tracking it down sooner. Anyway, enjoy the smoother servers!

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