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Integrated Stats

We are currently integrating HLStats into the existing FPN website to provide a unified look and a consistant interface for visitors to our site. This integration process is rather time consuming as it requires a good deal of coding in PHP and database work.

Who Wants to Host a Server?

We've got a couple Linux machines sitting around in need of a fast, reliable internet connection. Anyone who can oblige should contact hav or speak with someone in the IRC channel.

Banned Cheating Admins

That's right, we have recently banned a number of admins for cheating on our Counter-Strike servers. Some of these admins were high-ranking ops and others were relative peons. This serves as a reminder that FPN doesn't tolerate cheating.


Thinking up a quality pimp name is a difficult endeavor. If you're at a loss for ideas, you should check this out... I guess this needs to wrap to the next line?

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