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BLING Running 'Fun' Maps

BLING wasn't getting a great deal of play with it's cs_ map rotation and there was a good deal of demand for an FPN fun maps server so we decided to change things up and put some custom maps on. BLING now rotates between the following maps: fy_snow, aim_ak_colt, scoutzknivez, fy_iceworld2k, awp_map. As an additional note, scoutknivez is low gravity (sv_gravity 250). Enjoy!

Official FPN Server Rules

This project had been in the making for a long time, but I am very glad to announce the first official set of rules for our Counter-Strike servers. Many thanks to TheLastStatistic and Toxic for all the hard work that went into this project. Without further ado, here are the Official Server Rules.

Lag Issues Resolved

BLING, DIGI, and CHALUPA were exerpiencing an abnormal number of lag spikes over the last few days, but we have solved the problem. Initially we thought it was due to the connection those three machines share, however it turned out to be a configuration issue on each box.

FPN Fantasy Baseball Installment 4

We will be using the default HEAD-TO-HEAD Yahoo settings for this year's league. We can change before the league starts if everybody wants something different. If not we will be using this format. League Trades will be protested VIA league member vote and NOT the commish (me). This league is open to anyone I let in. That includes server regulars. Get on IRC and /msg nycer for details on how to sign up, including the league ID and password. Idle #baseball for fantasy baseball chat. If you dont IRC for some reason you can AIM me @ RickyMac410.
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