Latest news regarding FPN. Most recent articles appear first. Opening is finally opening. The site will feature player and team ratings from popular sports games. It will also feature special ratings and information catered to each game (ie. playbooks in football games).

Four Years in the Making

As you may have noticed, we've changed the site a little bit. If nothing looks different, you should click here. As you can see the logo has been revised, the body has been widened, and we now feature text advertisements down the right side. The FPN website has retained the same basic look since its inception in May of 2001, so in order to celebrate our fourth anniversary; we decided to update our website with a slightly more modern theme.

Welcome to New Admins

I'd like to welcome four new admins to the FPN crew. They've actually all been part of the crew for a while but now it's official. Say what's up to harlock, gg, Jackington, and Monk, the four newest *OP's in the FPN family. Congrats guys. This also means we'll be looking for a few new junior admins, interested parties should talk to me in IRC.

New Weapon Points Modifiers

In order to make things more fair on the servers, we reduced the points modifier for several weapons, most notably the AWP and the Desert Eagle. Players who used these weapons repeatedly gained an unfair advantage in the online stats. To see the new values for the points modifiers as well as how the rankings are calculated, please visit our HLStats Help Page.
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